Lyla & Wren Co.

• Why Preloved? 
This ones easy. As mentioned on our social media postings, fast fashion is devastating to our planet. An estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is produced yearly. By shopping preloved you are directly helping to reduce the impact of fast fashion, all while keeping more money in your pocket. Win-Win.

• Preloved? Isn’t that…Like, Gross?

Well sure, it could be. But not over here at Lyla & Wren. To be frank, I’m a bit of a germaphobe myself so all of our products go through a rigorous disinfecting regimen before they are even considered. This is also why we typically do not accept footwear. Our thorough examinations ensure only the best of the best make it through to our front lines.

• Why Do You Only Buy Items Outright? Why Can’t I Cosign My Items?

While we may offer this eventually, (never say never), I simply find this method to be the easiest and most organized. And as a mom of 3 little ones, any way that I can optimize my time, wins.
By buying your items outright, I can then integrate the clothing pieces into my own organization system without worrying about keeping track of sales totals and whose pieces are what and where. 

• Do You Follow a Set Schedule For Clothing Drops? When Can I Expect New Items To Appear On The Site?

NEW. While we did experiment with having a set schedule for a few months, we have ultimately decided that this isn't the best option of our business. Drops will be announced on social media once new items have hit the site. 


*subject to change