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JILLS 18-24 M, 2T, 7T+



Are your children’s gently used clothing items ready to feel the love by their next wearer? All while putting some money back into your pocket?

Sell To Us!

Unlike most traditional consignment shops, we buy pieces out right, saving you time and wondering on if and when you will receive a payout for your items. Also unlike most other Preloved Businesses, we appreciate all clothing brands so long as they are current and in relovable conditions. The only item we usually do not accept is footwear beyond infants and some larger toys/gear. 

Sellers will receive a payment of 30% of what we intend to list the items for. Typically, items in our shop are listed between 30-75% off retail price.


Interested? Continue Below For The Fine Details


So you’re ready to sell.

Let’s check. Are the items freshly laundered, free of odours, stains, dog hair, any and all dramatic signs of wear? Excellent ! This ensures we see all pieces in their best light, getting you top dollar per item.

When dropping off your items, please ensure they are labelled somewhere with your name and email address. Once collected, we will (excitedly) sort through the items and begin drafting up an in-depth Purchase Offer, detailing what items we would like to purchase from you. This usually occurs within 10 business days. (That is unless we already have a line up of sellers to get through prior to receiving your items or otherwise specified.)

After this process is completed, the seller will be contacted via email with a purchase offer outlining several options. Upon acceptance, we will E-transfer payment within 24 Hours. Items we have chosen not to purchase will be donated to a local non profit community support on your behalf, helping local mamas in need, or can be arranged to be picked back up by the seller.


Please contact us by email, or DM on socials to arrange